Nuraghe dominates Olbia from the top of Cabu Abbas!


    The minor Basilica is built in the Pisan Romanesque style and dates back to the 11th century!


    At the Archaeological Museum are preserved the hulls of Roman ships burnt by the Vandals!


    Tomba dei Giganti located south-west of Olbia is the largest in Sardinia!


    Melqart's head better known as Heracles in the museum!

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Archaeological Tour of Olbia


'Olbia Archeologica' is the right itinerary for those who want to know in depth the history of the city starting from the early Bronze Age up to the Middle Ages.





Tour details:

We will begin our tour to the north of Olbia where the Sacred Well is known as Sa Testa, the precious archaeological area of ​​the Nuraghic age that preserves its ancient charm. This will allow us to immerse ourselves in the full Bronze Age and in the rituality that the ancient population expressed also through megalithic forms.

From the sphere of ritual linked to the water that gives life and is the supreme judge, we will move in the sphere connected to the funeral rites and to the world of the afterlife: the Tomb of the Giants Su Monte 'e S'Abe. The archeological area, always of the Nuragic age, is the largest in Sardinia.

Adjacent to the Tomb of the Giants we can visit the medieval fortress of Pedres. These is in good condition and will give us a glimpse of medieval life in Sardinia now dominated by Pisani, Genoese and then Aragonese ready to wage war to conquer the island.

The afternoon will then be dedicated to the discovery of the city of Olbia. We will walk through the historic center and visit the Church of San Paolo (Late Middle Ages) and the Basilica of San Simplicio (end of the 11th century). We will cross the main street of Olbia (Corso Umberto I) which traces exactly the old Greek and then Roman street (still visible) that led to the port. The parallel of Corso Umbero is characterized by the medieval 'carreras' characterized by houses that still retain the granite lintel indicating the year of foundation.

The last stop will be the Archaeological Museum which preserves artefacts from the prehistoric age. At the museum we will find two large hulls of Roman cargo ships that were probably burned by the Vandals when they raged in the coasts of Sardinia.

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